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We write property listings that inspire action. Property listings are one of the most important tools in your sales artillery. Capturing the imagination of the buyer and clearly communicating all of the best things a property has to offer can be hard work.

 Think about the last time you made a major purchase. How did you make it? Was the purchase driven by logic and necessity? Chances are, you bought something because of the way that it made you feel. Your emotions were hard at work behind the scenes convincing you that you simply couldn’t live without this item. What’s more, your emotions probably convinced you that if you didn’t make this purchase right away, then the opportunity to do so would be lost forever.

 Emotions are such a critical part of the decision making process, a fact that is especially true in real estate. While we like to think that buying a property is a solely rational decision, in reality, our emotions play a large role in the purchasing process. My job as a real estate copywriter is to evoke those same emotions in potential customers through a powerful, emotive property listing.


Attract and engage your ideal client with real estate copywriting that converts.

Why Real Estate Copywriting Matters

You’re a real estate agent. You’re articulate, well-spoken and you probably know exactly what to say to draw in potential customers. My job, copywriting for real estate agents, is to harness those same skills and put them on paper. Here’s how a real estate copywriter creates product listings that generate calls and sales.

Start with a bang 

Don’t rely on the implied emotional value of owning a property, let it be known immediately. Real estate copywriting needs to grab the buyer’s attention from the very first line.

Talk about Benefits, not Just Features

 Good real estate agents need to appeal to the rational and not-so-rational part of buyer’s brain. Good real estate copywriting doesn’t just convey the features of a house, they address all of the associated benefits. To make a property listing stand out from the crowd, your images and your words need to let the buyer know all the way that their lives would be enriched by this property.

 Speak to Buyer Aspirations

Each property is different. The demographic of people who are going to be attracted to a large-family home are going to be vastly different than those looking at an inner-city dwelling. Real estate copywriting considers the aspirations of those who are interested in the home.    

Be different

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of property listings that read exactly the same. How do you think your potential buyers are going to feel when they stumble across property listings that are unique and interesting? You’re going to stop them in their tracks. Real estate copywriting doesn’t have to fit an exact archetype, ignite emotions with a listing that stands out from the crowd.

How Real Estate Copywriting Works 

We can create brilliant real estate copy based entirely off property photos and other campaign content such as the floor plan and sales history. Turn around is fast, less than 48 hours in most cases and can be tailored to suit the size of your campaign.

Real Estate Copywriting Process


1.     Use contact form to request real estate copywriting

2.     Send relevant property marketing materials

3.     You’ll receive a quote

4.     Once quote is approved by you, we’ll get to work creating the product listing.

5.     You approve or suggest edits (up to 2)

6.     Receipt of final copy


Copywriting for real estate agents takes less than 48 hours. Depending on the urgency of your campaign, same day real estate copywriting is possible.

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