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Did you know that eight out of ten people turn to search engines to find their new car? Whether you’re in the market for new, used, collectable or vintage, gone are the days of driving up and down ‘auto alley’ hoping to strike gold. Thanks to Google, consumers are more informed than ever when they are deciding what car they are going to buy.

Trying to get any local business to rank on page 1 of Google is becoming increasingly difficult, but one of the most competitive industries for local SEO is the automotive and car dealership industry. According to Google, the average car buyer will only visit two dealerships before making a decision to purchase. That means that now, more than ever, appearing in front of potential customers at the right time is crucial.

 So, given that Car Dealership SEO and Automotive SEO is such a competitive space, what are some of the tactics that Liam Ridings Copywriter uses to overcome the competition? Without divulging everything that will be done, when you work on your Automotive SEO with me, here are some of the focus points.


Don’t wait for your business to get noticed in the SERPs. Make it happen with organic acquisition strategies that increase SERP visibility and drive high-converting traffic to your business.

SEO Services for Car Dealers & Automotive Businesses Include

Google My Business: local visibility is essential to the success of your car dealership of automotive business. Having everything in place to ensure that your local SEO is working for you is the starting point for any car dealership or automotive business.

Categories: Breaking down your automotive inventory and car dealership services into categories is essential. There are dozens of different makes and hundreds of different models. You need to be presenting this information in a way that customers understand and Search Engines and Google can easily crawl.

Name, Address, Phone Number: Yes, we’re working on the SEO for your Car Dealership, but ensuring that your customers know where you’re located and how they can reach you Via phone is also essential. These elements are also essential for building trust with Google. The more information that you can provide and verify, the more trustworthy your site is deemed to be. Google like sites that share this information.

Photos: You’re using hundreds of photos to represent your inventory, but are you doing it in a way that is easy for google to crawl and understand? I’ll put all of the pieces in place to ensure you’re getting the most out of your images.

Reviews: Did you know that as of 2017, 78% of people will read a review before visiting a physical location. Curating those reviews so that they accurately reflect the values of your business is critical.

Online Directories: Depending on your industry, online directories can either be very valuable or completely useless. For car dealerships and automotive companies, Online Directories still play an important role in a holistic SEO strategy.

Schema Markup: This is a great way to increase your search engine visibility and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Why Choose Me as Your SEO Consultant?

SEO Consultant Sydney

Because finding an SEO Copywriter who takes the time to get to know your business is rare these days. Ever worked with a Marketing Agency and felt like you were just contributing to their Christmas Party Fund? When you work with me, you’re working 1 on 1 with an SEO Consultant who is invested in the success of your business. I’m passionate (and slightly obsessed) with immersing myself in Search Engine Optimisation, so that I can pass that knowledge onto my clients.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia —or around the world— my SEO Services can be tailored towards your business, your goals and your Local SEO requirements. My experience and knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation principles, SEO ranking factors and technical SEO makes me a smart choice for your business.

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