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Back when Google was a lot less sophisticated than it is today, Landing Pages played a much smaller role in attracting new customers to your business. Today, due to the quantity (and quality) of information that is accessible through a simple Google search, your website’s homepage now serves as a gateway to more specific, exact-match pages on your website – landing pages.

 Today, it’s not enough to have three or four pages explaining your business – you simply cannot attract a desirable number of leads to your customers with such a thin content offering. Search engines and searchers are more sophisticated in the way that they present and seek information.

With thousands of businesses in your niche all vying for the same traffic, how do you ensure that you’re more visible to customers than your competitor? Highly targeted landing pages are one proven way to dramatically increase your organic traffic.

Landing Page Copywriter

Landing pages to turn visitors into customers.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

 As of 2017, 45% of all Google searches are goal oriented and 52% of all searches are goal oriented. That means that you need to have content that is going to address your customer’s needs. A strategic landing page strategy with well researched SEO and landing page copywriting is one of the most effective ways to drive leads to your business.

For example, let’s say that you’re a podiatrist looking to generate more leads for your orthotic services. While your homepage or services page may mention that you offer orthotics, you need to have a dedicated landing page dedicated to them. You are significantly more likely to rank in Google if you have a landing page for ‘sport orthotics’, ‘custom orthotics’ or ‘diabetic orthotics’. Furthermore, dedicated landing pages will improve your sales funnel and conversions.

 Think of these landing pages as a gateway to different parts of your business. The more specific that you can be with landing pages, the more likely you are to attract organic visitors. Visitors can also arrive at your landing page through an online ad, e-mail, newsletter, social media post, or any other targeted marketing promotion. Landing page copywriting means understanding how visitors interact with your website and how to generate more leads and conversions.

 Once visitors find (or land) on your landing page, you want to make sure that the information they find addresses their needs. Dedicated product or service landing pages should speak to one topic. Ideally, landing pages should limit options so that leads are led towards a conversion – narrow the focus to a singular marketing objective.

Landing Pages for Google Adwords and Facebook Campaigns

Have you ever watched a preview for a movie and been so captivated that you raced out to see it the next day or the next week? I’m sure you have. Rather than filtering through IMDB or rotten tomatoes ratings, you based your decision entirely off a 90-second trailer only to find out the movie was a dud.

Why am I talking about movie trailers when I should be talking about landing pages for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads? Well, because much like a movie and a movie trailer, your ad campaign needs to be closely aligned to your ad landing page.  

Your advertising needs to be strong enough to draw people in, but the Landing Page is what’s going to keep customers on your site and generate conversions.

Creating a Google Adwords or Facebook ad is not enough to generate a conversion. You need to work both sides of the equations (Google Adwords or Facebook Campaign and landing page) to maximise your marketing campaigns. This means your landing page and ad need to be optimised and closely aligned so that they are working with each other.

Why Choose Me as Your Landing Page Copywriter?

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As an SEO Specialist and Google Adwords qualified copywriter, I know how important it is to create effective landing pages. When you choose to work with me, you’ll be working 1 on 1 with an experienced landing page copywriter who is invested in the success of your business.

I’m passionate about creating landing pages that drive organic traffic, improve your paid marketing campaigns and increase qualified leads and conversions for your business.

Whether you’re in Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia —or around the world— my landing page copywriting services can be tailored towards your business, your industry and your goals.

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