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Increase traffic, revenue, and sales with Ecommerce SEO strategies that deliver qualified leads to your online business.  

Liam Ridings Copywriter offers e-commerce SEO marketing services to e-commerce businesses of all sizes across a vast range of industries designed to help you achieve more website traffic and conversions by improving your brand visibility across the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). I will work with your ecommerce business to integrate all of your marketing efforts including PPC advertising, email marketing, advertising, and promotions into your e-commerce SEO campaign.  

Before I begin optimised your e-commerce website for improved SEO, it’s important to understand your e-commerce SEO needs in order to develop a customised approach that ties in with your measure of success, or your KPI’s. If you are aiming to build brand awareness and scale your business, your goals will likely be different to an ecommerce business who just wants to drive sales immediately – no two ecommerce SEO strategies are the same, they are completely dependent on your business and marketing goals.


Don’t wait for your eCommerce business to get noticed in the SERPs. Make it happen with organic acquisition strategies that increase SERP visibility and drive high-converting traffic to your business.

Depending on the scale of your ecommerce business, it may not be appropriate to optimise every single page of your website, instead, it may be better to focus on key landing pages that drive traffic and generate the most sales or the biggest increase in brand awareness. The key to your ecommerce SEO success is understanding which pages you should be targeting in the search engines and integrating the right keywords and key phrases into those pages in order to make it happen. Depending on the scale of your business, we will choose the most important product, brand, category, or sub-category page to target.

The second part to optimising the SEO for your ecommerce business doesn’t happen on your website at all. Part two of building a successful ecommerce SEO campaign involves developing and executing a strategic link building campaign. Gaining relevant inbound links to support a well-optimised e-commerce website is essential to increasing your search engine visibility. Google uses these links as a trust signal for your website- the more high-quality backlinks that are pointing to your website, the more trustworthy Google deems your website to be. I will analyse your current backlink profile, the backlinks of your main competitors and create a monthly strategy for developing your links in an organic way.

eCommerce SEO Services Include


eCommerce SEO Keyword Research: Knowing which keywords are going to attract the right traffic (not just the most) is key to the SEO strategy for your ecommerce Business.

eCommerce SEO Audit: Before you can get to where you want to be, you must first know where you are and scale from there. An Ecommerce SEO Audit will help you to understand the changes that need to happen to get your business to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

eCommerce SEO Content Strategy: Having a content strategy in place is essential for scaling your business. Content Strategy for Ecommerce Businesses include optimisation of your current content, development of new content (this can be ongoing), and a content schedule with pre-planned keyword targeting that can ensure you’ve got a template to work from.

Link Building for Ecommerce Business: Did you know that link building (the number of websites that are pointing to your website with a link) is the #1 way to increase the off-page SEO for your Ecommerce business. Building links is essential for growing your presence in the SERPs.

Conversion Optimisation for Ecommerce: Getting traffic but not seeing any conversions? Changes and modifications to improve the ecommerce conversion rate and overall usability of your website can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Internal Linking: Connecting the different pages of your websites with internal links helps Google to decide which content should be displayed to customers.

Name, Address, Phone Number: Yes, we’re working on the SEO for ecommerce business, but ensuring that your customers know where you’re located and how they can reach you Via phone is also essential.

Photos: You’re using hundreds of photos to represent your inventory, but are you doing it in a way that is easy for google to crawl and understand? I’ll put all of the pieces in place to ensure you’re getting the most out of your images.

eCommerce Reviews: Did you know that as of 2017, 78% of people will read a review before visiting a physical location. Curating those reviews so that they accurately reflect the values of your business is critical.

Why Choose Me as Your ecommerce SEO Specialist?

SEO Consultant Sydney

Because finding an SEO Consultant who takes the time to get to know your eCommerce business is rare these days. Ever worked with a Marketing Agency and felt like you were just contributing to their Christmas Party Fund? When you work with me, you’re working 1 on 1 with an SEO Consultant who is invested in the success of your business. I’m passionate (and slightly obsessed) with immersing myself in Search Engine Optimisation, so that I can pass that knowledge onto my clients.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia —or around the world— my SEO Services can be tailored towards your business, your goals and your Local SEO requirements. My experience and knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation principles, SEO ranking factors and technical SEO makes me a smart choice for your business.

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