7 Tips for Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

7 Tips for Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

Working with a Freelance Copywriter instead of a full-service marketing firm or agency could be one of the best decisions that you make for your business. Hiring the right freelance copywriter, however, can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you find a copywriting whiz for your business.


Ask for Copywriting Samples


It seems simple, but asking for copywriting samples is one of the most important things you can do when working with a freelance copywriter. Review their work and decide if their previous experience or niche expertise makes them the right fit for your business.


Many copywriters will post links to their previous copywriting on their website. If they don’t, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Businesses and websites will often manipulate copy after they receive it from the copywriter, so it’s always best to ask the copywriter for a sample of the work that they originally submitted.



Think Long Term


For many small to medium businesses, hiring a freelance copywriting specialist to fill some blanks on their website will be a one time job. Before working with a freelance copywriter, ask yourself whether you will need their services in the future. Think about how having a go-to freelance copywriter to help with your small business copywriting could benefit you in the future.


Finding a freelance copywriter who clicks with you and ‘gets’ your business can result in a long term partnership. The beauty of working with a freelance copywriter is that you won’t be paring someone to sit at a desk for 40-hours a week, instead, you’ll be able to call on them for new content as you need it. Not only will you be working with someone with a high-level of experience and a specific skillset, you will also pay less if you hire them on a ‘need to work’ basis.


Set A Budget


Setting a budget is essential for you and the freelance copywriter. Ask yourself, how much do I want to spend on this project and what sort of ROI could this generate down the line. It’s important to have a figure in mind when contacting a copywriter, but as with anything, you get what you pay for.


Remember, if you hire a freelance copywriter you’re not only getting a better quality of work than you could produce yourself, you’re also allowing yourself more time to focus on your specialities within the business. A good copywriter will provide a far greater return on investment than their initial monetary outlay.


Get a Quote


Just like hiring a plumber or painter, you should always ask your freelance copywriter for a definitive quote before they commence work. This is important for you and the copywriter. In 2019, it’s rare that copywriters will charge an ‘hourly rate’.


A good copywriter should be able to figure out how long a project will take and give you a concrete quote based on the total amount of time and resources that will be needed for the project. Once you agree to the quote and the scope of work required, it’s important that you do not deviate from what is required.



Be Specific


Don’t be afraid to spell out exactly what you expect from the freelance copywriter you’re working with. Some clients can be shy and think that they’re being ‘demanding’ or ‘overbearing’, but the truth is, it’s much better for you and the copywriter if you are clear with what you want.


For example, be specific about the tone that you want your copywriter to achieve. Do you want the copy to be friendly and conversational, or do you want it to be more sophisticated and informative?


Transparency is always the best policy. The clearer you can be with what you want to achieve, the better the result.


Explain Your Vision


Sometimes it can seem like the copywriter doesn’t really need the bigger picture to do their job. But the truth is, giving the freelance copywriter an overview of how their writing is going to fit into the larger business or marketing objectives will yield a much better result.


It’s much easier to produce work for a client who is willing to explain the who, where, why, what and how. Be open with your copywriter, share your vision and allow them to transform that into engaging content that drives results for your business.



Be Open to Suggestion


Most professional freelance copywriters really know their stuff. Chances are, your copywriter has met with businesses just like yours over the years. If your freelance copywriter has suggestions about how you could improve the project, be open to their ideas. Mutual respect is the key to creating the best outcome in any business partnership.

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